Tools & Support

Data pre- and post-processing

WDCC: https://www.dkrz.de/Nutzerportal-en/doku/processing/


It is capable to read GRIB, NetCDF, HDF, ieg (REMO), service and specifically formatted files and process or convert them.


NetCDF Operators

NetCDF Utilities:
ncdump: convert netCDF file to ASCII form (CDL) or show format variant of netCDF file
ncgen: generate a binary netCDF file from a CDL file or C/Fortran program for creation of a netCDF file matching the specifications
ncopy: copy a netCDF file, optionally changing format, compression, or chunking in the output file

The "afterburner" is the standard post processor for ECHAM data

http://esgf.org/esgf-toolbox-site/ in work
The ESGF Toolbox is a collection of algorithms written in Java, Scala, Clojure and Python that leverages ESGF Compute Tools' "Big Data" infrastructure to perform computation, analytics and querying over ESGF datasets.

Quality Assurance Toolkit

This R package is designed to help its user to perform a quality check on data and document these checks appropriately. The package is constructed for the analysis of netCDF-data and delivers several methods to check them and other kind of data. The primary focus for these tests are meteorological and climatological datasets. In the actual available form the package is constructed to work with one and two dimensional data, like time series or vertical profiles