(Inter-)national Networks an Programs

  • Part of international conferences and workshops (AGU, EGU, ICSU WDS Konferenz)
  • Projected part of WDS, involved in WDS activities (Codata conferences)
  • Information Systems (WIS) and allocate information and metadata for all meterological  data over the online WIS catalogue Discovery and Retrieval (DAR)
  • All datacentres are accredited from the WIS as Data Collection and/or  Production Center DCPC
  • Connected with the Global Information System Center (GISC) from the  Deutschen Wetterdienst (DWD)
  • Utilization of synergies with the development of the World Data Systems (WDS)
  • Allocation of Metadata from the  DOI catalogue for other portals ie. WorldWideScience
  • Cooperations with major publishers i.e. Elsevier, Nature for cross-referencing of data publications