Data Management Plan

Why do you need a data management plan?

A data management plan is a helpful instrument for all aspects of data management within a project. It should be initially prepared at time of grant proposal and continually adjusted throughout the project time.

Which aspects are relevant for a data management plan?

Preparation & Project Start

Project description: name, financiers, contact, timeframe, types of data, existing data

Involving of a professional data center

Input data

Resources needed to to manage/create/process/access/visualize the data

Data policy


Plans to share and long-term archive

Collaboration within Project

Usage of standards (content), controlled vocabularies

Data documentation

Production, processing, and flow of data (deadlines) – QC/QA

Meetings including data management topics

Preservation Long-Term Archive

Selection and preparation of data and metadata

Data submission

Moratorium, licenses

After archiving: conditions

How to produce a data management plan?

    1. Use the Wizzard 

    2. Create the Data Management Plan

    3. Get support from your repository to make the Data Management Plan productive