What kind of data can I publish?

Data from project/experiment

Data Publication of data from monitoring services with continuous output

Criteria for the Granularity of Publication Entry

Number of citations in citation data list must be acceptable

Comparability of data publications and journal articles should be given so that the credit is enabled for data publication

Who publishes my data?

To view the list of KomFor data publisher follow this link.

How do I prepare my data?

It belongs to the format curation and archive requirements. Ask the publication agent.

What should I pay attention to?

The quality of your data

How does the review work?

The review is not standardized

Aspect are: Consistency / Integrity, Completeness, Accessibility, Provenance, Accuracy / Evaluation

Quality Assurance of Data and Metadata in the Publication Processes aims to support the quality of scientific data and metadata which is crucial for their re-users.

What is the goal of quality assurance?

Make Data and metadata fit for use by data consumers. The consumers are not necessarily of the same field as the data originators. For them, it is much harder to decide, whether a dataset has a quality that is sufficient to use it in the aimed application.

The aim of quality assurance is to document and comment on evaluation methods together with suspicious results as well as possible. It does not perform any corrections.

Workflow and tool example: Atarrabi

Which data should get an identifier?

For exchange: simple as a file system or something more sophisticated (handle)

For reuse: unique identifier (handle)

For citation: persistent identifier with persistent data

Why register data?

To get answer to the question, go to Register Data.

How long should it be retained?

For exchange: no requirements

For reuse: depends on reuse, 10 years

For citation: persistent

How does the access control work?

Depends on archive

How does the data description web site look like?

Depends on publication agency examples: CERA and CMIP5

What does it cost?

Depends on publication agency. Ask your publisher.