Register Data

Why register data?

When a dataset moves and the corresponding URL becomes obsolete there must be some way to retrieve the dataset?

If a dataset is being used as basis for following research. How can it be referenced?

The answer is simple….

The dataset needs a persistent and unique name = Persistent Identifier!

What is a Persistent Identifier?

A persistent identifier is a unique set of characters that permanently and clearly names an object ie. Pictures, text or in this case datasets. 

Some examples are:

DOI (Digital Object Identifier)
EPIC (European Persistent Identifier Consortium)
IGSN (International Geo Sample Number)
nbn-urn (Nationalbibliothek)
LSID (Life Science Identifiers)


Which persistent identifier are assigned by the KomFor data centres?

CRNI Handles - A perfect fit for datasets that are still in progress and modifications are possible

DOIs - The best choice when the final dataset is being published either as supplement to an article or as standalone data publication

The DOI System and DataCite

The Digital Object Identifier (DOI) System was designed to provide a form of persistent identification, in which each DOI name unequivocally and permanently identifies the object to which it is associated. The DOI name is connected with a current resource and structured metadata associated with it. Thus the DOI is a unique tool making research data and other electronic resources to individual, citable scientific objects.

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