Databib beta is online

Databib is a collaborative, annotated bibliography of primary research data repositories [1]. The beta has just been released, and the developers are asking the community to kick the tires and let them know what you think. Please send your feedback to Michael Witt and the team at Purdue and Penn State at databib@gmail.com.

[1] From the website: "You can search for data repositories using a basic keyword search or an advanced Boolean search. Searchable metadata fields include the title of the repository, its URL, who maintains the repository, its access, use, and deposit policies, a 2-3 sentence abstract describing the repository, annotations from users, and Library of Congress Subject Headings. When viewing a record, you can click on its subjects to see other repositories that contain datasets in the same subject area [...] We have begun to expose records from Databib using Linked Data. Metadata are serialized with web pages for each repository using RDFa. We plan on providing a dump of Databib in MARC and RDF formats in the near future, as well as adding OpenSearch capability."

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